Delinquent Utility Bills

Due to the high number of delinquent utility bills, the city council passed a new ordinance on February 16, 2016, regarding past due utility bills.  The following is an outline of the new regulations.  We bill the 1st of the month and the bill becomes delinquent if not paid by the 15th.  If the bill remains due and unpaid on the 25th of the month, your service will be disconnected the following work day.  There is a $25.00 collection fee that is charged when personnel are sent out with the list for non-payment collection. There will be no extension of time to make payments unless there are special circumstances that meet the guidelines that the council has set.

City Hall offers several ways to pay your utility bill.  Online or through the link on the city website, automatic draft from your bank, a night deposit located on the west side of the Community Center and of course, mail or walking into City Hall.  If you have any questions regarding this new policy, please call and talk to Steve Lawver, City Administrator or Maribeth Matney, City Clerk.